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AR in Education & Learning

immerse students but Educational AR content for all ages

Educational Augmented Reality

App Development using Unity3D

Augmented reality in education is booming on market, AR is going to change the traditional way education, it will be fully interactive and engaging to students and teachers.

Augmented Reality is changing the way of classroom, Teachers know that Education is not only the way of write and learn, Education is about how students is interact with each and everything. Students can only learn by doing or experiencing, AR will definitely helps for that.?

With AR application development, it’s possible to make Education more enjoyable for students. While students have always learned from blackboard, paper, and videos, now with the help of new AR apps, they can almost engage with the subject.


Here is how Augmented reality will helpful in education


Students Engagement :

  • In Education engagement is big thing, Augmented Reality apps will helps students to get engage with content and learn easily by doing things.  

AR Drawing book :

  • Augmented reality enabled drawing book

  • 3D coloring filling

  • Realstics view of sketch

  • Very interactive and engaging for kidsSpace AR.

Space AR : 

  • Educate kids to showing space in Augmented reality

  • Bring all planets into earth by Scanning Planets card


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