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VR in Education & Learning

Virtual Reality in Education

World is changing in every way,

Then why the standard of education should not be changed?

Just think of your child going to school as excited as it ias going to playground? Isn't it wonderful?

Yes above lines can be true, in fact are true if VR can be used as learning tool at school and universities. By involving VR into education, study can be made more interesting and real. Students Will not be bore just by assuming and imaging the things written in books. They can feel the reality in actual meaning.

Let's consider VR as useful and productive tool and perhaps even a productive enhancement to human interaction, bringing people together from around the world to engage and interact regardless of social, economic and geographic disparities. Past years VR qaa more of gaming tool but now definition has changed, it has moved from only gaming device to learning tool.

VR is already entered in hundreds of classrooms in U.S.A and Europe countries and it is digestible that within near future years VR Headsets will be the necessary thing to Carry to the school like compass box.

In many universities VR is used to create real look alike architectural model, building and manual sites. In maths and science, theories can be explained by creating real 3d object models that students can understand the real calculation of formulas. In each and every subject VR can be included in some way.

So virtual reality is actually our future not in gaming only but in education, too.

VRVersatile offers high end solution of Education VR Application development with latest Virtual Reality SDK like GoogleVR, SteamVR, OpenVR including all major VR headeset Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR. 


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